For all life's KNOCKs & BUMPs

If you have ever had an argument with a coffee table, a bicycle or maybe just slipped and landed hard on the ground beneath your feet...
Unibalm is for you!

More about Unibalm

Apply Unibalm immediately to unbroken skin, Rub in well to reduce potential bruises.

Suitable for all ages Pure, natural and amazing. Try it for yourself and discover Unibalm.

Five reasons why you should use Unibalm.

  • Ideal for treating bruises, knocks and bumps
  • Soothes rough skin and chapped lips
  • Suitable for men and women alike
  • It smells fantastic!
  • Compact and easy to carry everywhere with you

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Bruise treatment since 1820


Unibalm is an effective natural remedy, used for the prevention of bruises and swelling after percussive injury.

Unibalm is based on a recipe from a pharmacopoeia dating from 1820. Since then it has been improved and modernised to create a viable bruise treatment for the 21st Century.

Story behind Unibalm