Sometimes the oldest remedies are the best ...

Apply Unibalm immediately to unbroken skin, Rub in well to reduce potential bruises.

Suitable for all ages Pure, natural and amazing. Try it for yourself and discover Unibalm.

Having read a report in the British Medical Journal stating that when tested, arnica for bruises was found to be ‘no better than placebo’* – we thought it would be great to have a bruise treatment that actually worked for the knocks and bumps of everyday life.

After much searching we found a recipe for preventing bruises from the early 1800’s in a pharmacopoeia.

We researched and tested the individual natural ingredients and found them to have the appropriate qualities to use as the building blocks for a modern-day bruise remedy.

Working with our chemists we updated and improved the 19th Century recipe to create a viable cream for the 21st Century.  This bruise healing cream developed by our laboratories is an extremely effective treatment when applied immediately to bumps and bruises.  This unique treatment is our patented formula for...


The ingredients in our patented recipe for Unibalm include:

• geranium oil (an anti-bacterial astringent which is known for making skin tissues and blood vessels contract - hence less bruising)
• vitamin K (known for assisting blood clotting and healing bruises)
• benzoin (a natural astringent and disinfectant which also has anti-inflammatory qualities)
• lanolin (acts as an emollient to support the wound healing process and deliver the active ingredients through the skin)
• clove oil (has a short term local anaesthetic effect which will temporarily numb and relieve initial pain from a percussive injury)

* source: British Medical Journal, 8th Feb 2003

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